About us

Labiron, as part of Van Gelder Engineering, is a company with over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering customized automated (inline or standalone) analysis systems to the raw material- & basic industry and laboratories around the world. Within these industries Labiron focuses on the following processes:

  • Sample and product preparation
  • Sample and product analysis
  • Data management and communication with enterprise information systems
  • Visualization

Labiron supplies customer specific automated sample/product preparation systems, with or without integrated sample/product analysis, either inline or standalone.

Mission statement
Our mission is: “To develop and deliver automated sample preparation and analysis systems as a tool, either to control production processes and product quality, or to handle high volumes of samples in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Why choose us?

Proven experience
With over 30 years of experience in raw material and basic industrial as well as laboratory markets, Labiron understands what it takes to deliver the required systems.

The customers’ requirements get centre stage and are addressed in a structured project oriented manner.

Labiron has delivered systems to the top of European manufacturing industries and laboratory conglomerates.

High level of customization
The systems Labiron delivers are adapted to the customers production process to the extend the customer requires.

The advice Labiron offers serves only the interests of the client.

Labiron keeps committed to the systems we have delivered and helpdesk requests will always be answered.


Labiron Systems uses its application know how to create customer specific solutions. These solutions can consist of reliable components and units with proven quality, integrated to a specific application. Labiron Systems is a full fledged company in design, engineering, testing, delivery and service of mechatronic products and systems. Our primary activities are: 3D design, software development and to deliver automated analysis systems.

Product Development
Labiron Systems is able to develop products according a step by step project management system. These products can be unique, or will be manufactured in series. The steps from the project management system are written below.
  • Product Definitions
  • Functional Design
  • Technical Design
  • Fabrication of Functional Model (FUMO) : mechatronics: controlling software, user
  • Testing
  • Technical Review
  • Validation
  • User manuals
  • Installation and service guides
During the different steps, a close cooperation with strategic suppliers ensures an efficient design process and is a very effective approach to converge to the optimal product.

Customer Specific Systems Lay-Out
Customer specific system lay-out is very important if a standard solution does not bring the advantages the customer expects. In many cases the available room is limited and the environment is not perfect. Customer Specific User Interface
The user interface is built on a standard software system fully created by Labiron. Every customer needs a specific user interface and because of that we create user centered modules to customize the standard software system interface. The interface will be fully customized and will fulfill al your needs.