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SpectroTest Flanges

SpectroTest is a mobile metal analyzer. The probe which executes the spark for the analysis, is connected to the electronics through a flexible optical fiber with a length of 8 meters. In this configuration, it is possible to move the probe (and so the spark positioning) to the product, instead of the other way around. Because it is a mobile instrument for use in the production area, it is designed to work in a relatively hostile environment. Therefore, it is the perfect instrument for online spectral analysis.


The automated SpectroTest system enables online analysis of all types of flanges, mainly for sorting control. The 100% check is a very important step in your Total Quality Management philosophy. The system is completely automated, including preparation of the flanges and cleaning of the electrode. For Tracking & Tracing purposes, the analysis data can be communicated, although in most cases a go/nogo for each product is sufficient.
Preparation of the flanges
In order to obtain a good result for the spectral analysis at any time, the surface of the flanges should be free of oxides, oil, burs and other irregularities. The optimal preparation depends on the material of the flange and the condition of its surface. This preparation can vary from spraying with a good dissolvent and air-drying to grinding of the surface with an electrically operated, non-contaminating grinding machine.
The system can communicate at two levels: Level 1 is at the I/0-level of the production control PLC, to enable a problem-free and safe working environment. At this level the SpectroTest is controlled by the system PLC.
Level 2 is for interfacing with the customers data processing system (analysis data, logistics, tracking & tracing, etc.).
Remote control
The complete system can be remote controlled. This enables the operator to stay in the control room. It is not necessary to enter the sometimes hostile production environment. Only calibration should be carried out directly at the housing using the operating panel.


The automated system consists of the following components:
  • SpectroTest
  • Flanges preparation and measurement unit
  • Transport medium
  • Control Cabinet
  • Operating panel for manual operation (e.g. Service)
  • Optional: remote control of the SpectroTest


Sample preparation and measurement unit
The unit consists of the following components:
  • Preparation of the flanges
  • Probe for Spectro-analysis
  • Turning of the flanges
  • Electrode cleaning


Energy and data
  • Dry and oil-free pressurized air (at least 5 bar)
  • Electrical power (at least 230 V / 2amp)
  • I/O between control cabinet and production control
  • Data communication