Liquids Autodiluter

Acaros atline

The Spectro Arcos has a unique high-resolution optical system and sets new standards in analytical performance: a patented major development with unbeatable resolution (8.5 picometers from 130 to 340 nm), accuracy and stability. 32 linear CCD detectors allow a full spectrum from 130 to 770 nm to be collected and stored in 2 seconds. Spectro’s patented UV-PLUS system requires no purge gas supply or vacuum pumps for UV performance, as the sealed optical path is permanently filled with Argon. Unlike many CCD based detection systems, no sub-ambient cooling is required. The instrument can be provided with radial or axial plasma observation. The radial plasma has better tolerance of high salt content or organics in the sample and ability to handle slurries or suspensions. The axial system can be supplied for those requiring the ultimate detection limits from their ICP-OES.

Additional Spectro Arcos assets include the new, extremely robust, free-running generator with a ceramic torch and solid-state power supply. Spectro’s novel ICAL system logic automatically monitors the system to guarantee optimal operating conditions. The “Smart Analyzer Vision” graphical user interface is characterized by flexibility, clear structure and simple operation.

The combination of the Acaros Autodiluter with the Arcos ICP Spectrometer is an important step towards total quality control. Sampling, diluting and analysis will be carried out automatically in a multifunctional integrated system:

  • Sample storage 
  • Automated aliquot sampling
  • Programmable dilution 
  • Vortex mixing 
  • Sample presentation to the ICP Spectrometer 
  • Automatic analyzer calibration 
  • Automatic analyzer validation with QC samples
  • Data management and interfacing to LIMS 
The system can process a high volume of samples per hour in fully automatic preparation and analysis mode.
Sample preparation in a one-stop-system
Most samples need some preparation before the analysis. This could be dilution with a neutral solvent or the addition of an active reagent. Any sample preparation will directly affect the analytical result, so great accuracy and precision are required.
After dilution, thorough mixing is necessary to ensure sample homogeneity. If a reagent has been added, a waiting period may be needed to ensure complete reaction. Sometimes sample and reagents need to be transferred to a secondary vial for further processing.
All these actions can be taken care of by the Acaros, without operator intervention.
This means:
  • Reduced overall operating costs
  • Minimal opportunity for human error 
  • Optimal use of laboratory workforce 
All sample preparation variables can be configured in the user interface. Some samples, like control and calibration samples, may need individual treatment. The Acaros software allows the autosampler to be fully and flexibly configured to meet all these requirements
Control and communication
The system control and communication are clearly structured with an advanced user interface. The complete system can be controlled manually or automatically. Automatically operated, the tasks can be scheduled locally, or be generated by remote links to operators in the control room or the QC department.
The Labiron Acaros software also controls the main functions of the Spectro Arcos, giving the operator complete overall system control. The analytical results are directly available via TCP/IP connections, or results can be transferred to an external database.
Automated execution of control sample and normalization measurements
To validate the operation of the Spectro Arcos, the Acaros software can introduce control samples either manually or as part of the operating schedule. If an error is detected a corrective action (ICALization, standardization, calibration) will follow automatically. If the condition is not corrected, the Autodiluter will warn the operator and shut down the sampling sequence.
Remote control and diagnostics
The complete system can be controlled remotely from, e.g., the control room or the quality department. This enables the operator to stay in his own environment and control the system at the same time. The control and calibration of the system can be operated remotely, too although in normal operation the control and calibration is done automatically according to a pre-programmed schedule.


The automated system consists of the following components:
  • Sample tray accommodating sample racks. Racks are available for a wide range of sample vials of different dimensions. Typical capacity 250 x 30 ml sample vials
  • Surface level detection
  • Automatic volumetric sampling unit
  • Sample preparation unit for dilution and mixing - an extra mixing unit can be used to double the mixing capacity and thereby supply a continuous sample stream
  • Interactive cleaning system with auto-check
  • Sample validation with QC samples
  • Automatic calibrations
  • User interface incorporating system control and data management, including data transfer to external databases or LIMS
  • Optional:Independent sample tray for secondary tubes or bars
  • Optional: System remote control 
  • Optional: Acid resistant wetted components 
  • Optional: Weight/volume diluting

Acaros 02

The Acaros 02 system is a liquid analyzer. The system uses a robot arm with a needle. The needle moves over a plate and can move into x and y position. The samples will be put on the plate. The plate can easily be replaced with a new plate with new samples. The samples on the plate are put in shelves. One plate can storage up to 96 samples. The liquid samples will be diluted by a diluter which uses kerosene. The system is built in a way that the liquid samples only make contact with the needle tip.

The calibration, control and i-cal samples also stand on the plate. These samples will be used by the analyzer to calibrate and control itself. The samples can also be used to control the measure results. The user can increase the number of samples. Optionally the user can let the Spectro Arcos take care of the calibration. With the Spectro Arcos it is possible to put more samples in a (sealed) stock.


To analyze your liquids we install one or two shake-pipes. This depends on your wishes. With two pipes one pipe takes optimal care of the cleaning and mixing while the other pipe will be used to contract the liquids and analyze the samples. The dilution factor can be programmed by the user.
The needle cleaning will be executed by the cleaning station. In the cleaning station the in- and outside of the needle will be cleaned within the time set by the user. The cleaning station uses kerosene. The one or two shake-pipes can be provided with a kerosene feed so that they will be cleaned.
The whole system can be controlled by a PC with its own screen. With the screen the user can choose a specific program for the system. The Acaros 02 can be programmed by the user and is usable for different applications. The user can program almost anything:
  • Needle movement
  • Movement of the plate with steel
  • The way the system ingests and removes the steel
  • The mixing parameters
  • Cleaning procedure


The system consists of the following components:
  • The frame
  • Storage with the cassettes
  • Robot arm with needle
  • Strokedisc
  • Shakestation
  • Remote control