Acaros online

The Spectro Arcos has a unique high-resolution optical system and sets new standards in analytical performance: a patented major development with unbeatable resolution (8.5 picometers from 130 to 340 nm), accuracy and stability. 32 linear CCD detectors allow a full spectrum from 130 to 770 nm to be collected and stored in 2 seconds. Spectro’s patented UV-PLUS system requires no purge gas supply or vacuum pumps for UV performance, as the sealed optical path is permanently filled with Argon. Unlike many CCD based detection systems, no sub-ambient cooling is required. The instrument can be provided with radial or axial plasma observation. The radial plasma has better tolerance of high salt content or organics in the sample and ability to handle slurries or suspensions. The axial system can be supplied for those requiring the ultimate detection limits from their ICP-OES.
Additional Spectro Arcos assets include the new, extremely robust, free-running generator with a ceramic torch and solid-state power supply. Spectro’s novel ICAL system logic automatically monitors the system to guarantee optimal operating conditions. The “Smart Analyzer Vision” graphical user interface is characterized by flexibility, clear structure and simple operation.

Acaros O2

The Acaros 02 system is a liquid analyzer. The system uses a robot arm with a needle. The needle moves over a plate and can move into x and y position. The samples will be put on the plate. The plate can easily be replaced with a new plate with new samples. The samples on the plate are put in shelves. One plate can storage up to 96 samples. The liquid samples will be diluted by a diluter which uses kerosene. The system is built in a way that the liquid samples only make contact with the needle tip.

The calibration, control and i-cal samples also stand on the plate. These samples will be used by the analyzer to calibrate and control itself. The samples can also be used to control the measure results. The user can increase the number of samples. Optionally the user can let the Spectro Arcos take care of the calibration. With the Spectro Arcos it is possible to put more samples in a (sealed) stock.