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The Spectro Arcos has a unique high-resolution optical system and sets new standards in analytical performance: a patented major development with unbeatable resolution (8.5 picometers from 130 to 340 nm), accuracy and stability. 32 linear CCD detectors allow a full spectrum from 130 to 770 nm to be collected and stored in 2 seconds. Spectro’s patented UV-PLUS system requires no purge gas supply or vacuum pumps for UV performance, as the sealed optical path is permanently filled with Argon. Unlike many CCD based detection systems, no sub-ambient cooling is required. The instrument can be provided with radial or axial plasma observation. The radial plasma has better tolerance of high salt content or organics in the sample and ability to handle slurries or suspensions. The axial system can be supplied for those requiring the ultimate detection limits from their ICP-OES.

Additional Spectro Arcos assets include the new, extremely robust, free-running generator with a ceramic torch and solid-state power supply. Spectro’s novel ICAL system logic automatically monitors the system to guarantee optimal operating conditions. The “Smart Analyzer Vision” graphical user interface is characterized by flexibility, clear structure and simple operation.

The Spectro Arcos is the perfect analyzer for integration into a fully automated system for the continuous on-line analysis of all types of solutions. The availability of the complete system is very high and the system can be customized for almost any situation.

Systems can be configured for a wide variety of applications, from the high accuracy analysis of a single stream of raw waste water up to multiple streams of acid or organic solutions. Calibration standards, localization samples, quality control samples and rinse solutions can all be processed automatically.
All components and materials are inert for the specific applications, based on 24/7 continuous operation within an industrial environment.
Sample stream selection
Electrically operated valves are used to select the sample streams in response to an analysis request. This request can be generated directly via the user interface, remotely in the control room or by a pre-programmed automatic schedule. 
The number of valves needed, is determined by the number of streams to be analyzed and by the number of control and calibration samples. The flow of production samples is controlled by flow and pressure sensors. All components are fabricated of inert material.
Sample preparation
Most samples need some preparation prior to analysis. Preparation can include:
  • Dilution with neutral solvent or addition of a reagent
  • Mixing
  • Cleaning and rinsing between samples
  • Addition of other solutions
  • Addition of a tracer or internal standard
The preparation of the control and calibration samples depends on the conditions applied to each of the test samples. Some need to be diluted like the production samples, others may be used directly. These variables can also be configured in the user interface.
Control and communication
The system control and communication is clearly structured with an advanced user interface. The complete system can be controlled in manual mode as well as in automatic mode. When controlled automatically, tasks can be scheduled locally, generated remotely by the control room or quality department.
The Labiron Acaros software automatically controls the main functions of the Spectro Arcos, greatly reducing the demands on the operator. Analytical results are directly available by TCP/IP connections. Optionally, the results can be exported to a specific database, such as that in the quality department, the control room or LIMS.
Remote control and Diagnostics
The complete system can be remotely controlled from e.g., the control room or the quality department. This enables the operator to stay in his own environment while in full control of the system. While system calibration can also be remotely controlled, in normal operation this is more usually done automatically according to a programmed schedule.


The automated system consists of the following components:
  • The Spectro Arcos Spectrometer
  • Stream selector and control
  • Sample preparation inclusive of dilution and mixing
  • Interactive cleaning system with interactive cleaning check
  • Automatic calibrations and Icalisation
  • System control and data management