Acaros Bio

The Acaros Bio is an analysis system to be used in a laboratory. This system provides a fully automated handling process of spectrophometric analysis of liquid samples.
The system is equipped with special ‘random access’ plate storage towers which assures the exact required incubation times.
Because of the modular design, practically any reader, washer, dispenser, liquid handler or any other instrument, no matter what brand or supplied, can be integrated.

Acaros 5000

The Acaros 5000 is specially designed by Labiron to automatically execute your analyses. The Acaros 5000 is a perfect way to execute routine-analyses. Thanks to the large storage one cycle analyses 100 up to 5000 samples. Each sample can contain a couple ml. In a word, the transport of the trays, the sample preparation, the analyses and the result processing will be executed fully automatically. The advantages that come with the Acaros 5000 are, savings in personnel expenses, a reduced change of contamination and mistakes and a growth of your analyses-capacity.

Acaros Medical

Processing coded sample vials in a clinical laboratory is a time-consuming activity. The best way to accomplish this activity without any mistakes is to use a fully automated system.

Acaros Medical systems are specially engineered for this purpose and are built from standard modules which may be modified for any (complex) situation. Because of our modular design, proven techniques may be used in every unique situation. The modular system approach also provides the ability to interface with independent analyzers and systems which may already be in use. In addition communication with systems like LIS/LIZ is possible.