Acaros Bio

The Acaros Bio is an analysis system to be used in a laboratory. This system provides a fully automated handling process of spectrophometric analysis of liquid samples.

The system is equipped with special ‘random access’ plate storage towers which assures the exact required incubation times.
Because of the modular design, practically any reader, washer, dispenser, liquid handler or any other instrument, no matter what brand or supplied, can be integrated.

Plate towers

The micro titer plates are being stacked in a specially designed tower, made for this purpose.
The robot moves the plates between the towers and the operation stations. Every time a plate moves, the barcode on the plate is being read for identification and quality assurance. All information is stored in a database. The robot is totally engineered by Labiron to serve this purpose.
The Acaros Bio has room for several instruments such as a washer or reader. Each instrument fulfills a specific function in the sample handling process. Results of operations are stored in the central database.
Controlling the Acaros Bio is easy with the accompanied software, pre-installed on a computer which is part of the system. For local functions, the Acaros Bio is equipped with a control panel to start, stop or pause the running process.
All process data is stored in a database. This includes:
  • Incubation times
  • Raw reader data

Plate towers (per tower)

  • 50 micro titer plates
  • Optional: cooled
Process control
  • PC-PLC combination
  • Laboratories with a relatively high volume of micro titer plate bases essays, such as Acaros Bio.

Acaros 5000

The Acaros 5000 is specially designed by Labiron to automatically execute your analyses. The Acaros 5000 is a perfect way to execute routine-analyses. Thanks to the large storage one cycle analyses 100 up to 5000 samples. Each sample can contain a couple ml. In a word, the transport of the trays, the sample preparation, the analyses and the result processing will be executed fully automatically. The advantages that come with the Acaros 5000 are, savings in personnel expenses, a reduced change of contamination and mistakes and a growth of your analyses-capacity.

Storage module

The storage module can hold up to 5000 samples. Each sample holds a maximum of 4 ml. The capacity is varying and will be customized so it fits in your specific situation. The storage module has a setup which calculates space specially for high priority samples.
The robot moves itself over a rail. The robot takes care of the trays and the samples. The trays will be taken from the storage room to the analyses-station. After the analyses the robot puts the trays back into the storage room.
To control the system consists of two parts: the advanced machine-control and the logistic/administrative control which is electronically connected to the master-slave configuration. This powerful PC takes care of the following functionality:
  • Input of sample data and the production of barcode stickers
  • Start and stop the analyze cycle
  • Display and control of the system status and errors
  • Show and print reports 
  • Connect to LIMS and internet


The automated system consists of the following components:
  • storage module
  • robot
  • preparation-stations
  • analyses-station
  • system-controls 

Acaros Medical

Processing coded sample vials in a clinical laboratory is a time-consuming activity. The best way to accomplish this activity without any mistakes is to use a fully automated system.

Acaros Medical systems are specially engineered for this purpose and are built from standard modules which may be modified for any (complex) situation. Because of our modular design, proven techniques may be used in every unique situation. The modular system approach also provides the ability to interface with independent analyzers and systems which may already be in use. In addition communication with systems like LIS/LIZ is possible.

To modify the Acaros Medical system so that it meets your requirements we have developed five separate modules. Each module has its own advantages.

Basic module
The basic module is the heart of any pre- and post analytical automation process. Various vials and tube holders can be processed and prepared for specific analysis. The basic module has a standard configuration which may then be reconfigured to any specific situation.
The tube holder is located on a universal plate which means that the Acaros Medical system may be used in all situations.
The SmartSort robot is the centre of the system, making sure every movement is fast and reproducible. The robot takes the vials from USP and places them into different workstations. The vials that do not require any preparation in the pre-analysis system are directly transported to the out-location. This technique saves time and avoids waste.
The functionality of the basic module may be extended with either the Jota or the Centrifuge module.
Jota module
The Jota module expands the Basic module with extra functionality as it provides the capability to optically select, divide and label the vials or tubes.
The Jota module is also available as a stand-alone version. This module is developed for the laboratory with minimal automation requirements and has the same functionality as the Jota standard module. If required the stand alone module may be expanded with the Basic module at anytime.
Storage module
To increase the processing capacity of the Acaros Medical system it may be expanded with the Storage module. The storage module gives the Acaros Medical system extra space for the vials and will also act as temporary buffer storage for primary or secondary vials.
It is possible to expand your Acaros Medical system with more than one storage module.
Centrifuge module
An important step in pre-analysis is to centrifuge the samples. Thanks to the Centrifuge module this is done completely automatically as it inserts the tubes, removes them and tares them.
The centrifuge module can centrifuge up to 48 tubes at the same time using special carriers. The basic module prepares the tubes by putting them in the USP.
Pais module
The Pais module is the control module for any Acaros Medical system. The user-interface may be fully customized for individual applications and every interface is designed for usability. The Pais module uses a touch screen for convenience which is built into the basic module resulting in a compact, ergonomic unit. 
We can also build the Pais module into any existing installation. 

Basic module

  • Standard capacity: 500 - 4000 vials/tubes per day
  • Peak load: 600 movements per hour
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 120 x 120 x 180 cm
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Work temperature: 15˚ - 35˚ C
  • Moisture: 30% - 80%
Jota module
  • Standard capacity: 400 vials/tubes per hour
  • Work temperature: 15˚ - 35˚ C
  • Moisture: 30% - 80%
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 80 x 40 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 80 x 40 x 55 cm
  • W Weight: 60 kg
Storage module
  • Storage capacity: 80 USP (5000 tubes)
  • Compensated temperature: -4˚ - +40˚ C
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 120 x 120 x 180 cm
  • Weight: 155kg
Centrifuge module
  • 99 specific programmable centrifuge cycles
  • Up to 48 tubes per centrifuge cycle
  • Adjustable time-out
  • Ramp up and ramp down times
  • Maximum 4500 revs
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 120 x 120 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 250kg
Pais module
  • Ease of use central computer
  • Reliable PLC’s controlling different processes
  • Plug and play port
  • Standard communication protocols for LIZ
  • Optional linkage with Sancollect®

Acaros 02

The Acaros 02 system is a liquid analyzer. The system uses a robot arm with a needle. The needle moves over a plate and can move into x and y position. The samples will be put on the plate. The plate can easily be replaced with a new plate with new samples. The samples on the plate are put in shelves. One plate can storage up to 96 samples. The liquid samples will be diluted by a diluter which uses kerosene. The system is built in a way that the liquid samples only make contact with the needle tip.

The calibration, control and i-cal samples also stand on the plate. These samples will be used by the analyzer to calibrate and control itself. The samples can also be used to control the measure results. The user can increase the number of samples. Optionally the user can let the Spectro Arcos take care of the calibration. With the Spectro Arcos it is possible to put more samples in a (sealed) stock.


To analyze your liquids we install one or two shake-pipes. This depends on your wishes. With two pipes one pipe takes optimal care of the cleaning and mixing while the other pipe will be used to contract the liquids and analyze the samples. The dilution factor can be programmed by the user.
The needle cleaning will be executed by the cleaning station. In the cleaning station the in- and outside of the needle will be cleaned within the time set by the user. The cleaning station uses kerosene. The one or two shake-pipes can be provided with a kerosene feed so that they will be cleaned.
The whole system can be controlled by a PC with its own screen. With the screen the user can choose a specific program for the system. The Acaros 02 can be programmed by the user and is usable for different applications. The user can program almost anything:
  • Needle movement
  • Movement of the plate with steel
  • The way the system ingests and removes the steel
  • The mixing parameters
  • Cleaning procedure


The system consists of the following components:
  • The frame
  • Storage with the cassettes
  • Robot arm with needle
  • Strokedisc
  • Shakestation
  • Remote control