Spectrolab Automation

Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) using arc spark excitation is the preferred method to determine the chemical composition of metallic samples. This process is widely used in the metal making industries, including primary producers, foundries, die casters and manufacturers. Due to its rapid analysis time and inherent accuracy, arc/spark OES systems are most effective in controlling the processing of alloys. The Spectrolab is a stationary metal analyzer and the newest instrument which can meet the individual needs of the end user. The analytical performance can be fully adjusted to your requirements and should be discussed in detail with your Spectro representative.

In some applications, a laboratory environment has to be simulated to enable the complete automated system to operate in a hostile production environment. This laboratory environment is simulated inside a steel container.


The Milling-machine is a specially designed milling-machine to prepare all kinds of Fe and NON-Fe samples for analysis purposes. The quality of the OES analysis depends very strongly on the quality of the prepared surface of the sample. The Milling-machine is able to prepare the most soft Al samples up to the very hard (70Rc) Fe alloys samples, even including the removal of a burr, may this be the need.
The machine is easily integrated in a fully robot environment and is able to communicate with the overhead control system. Loading by a robot-system is very easily accomplished.


Today, in addition to "normal" bulk analysis, the increasing quality control of metals requires additional testing and diagnosis methods. The knowledge of the homogeneity of metals with respect to possible segregation and the number of inclusions is increasingly becoming a requirement in addition to normal "elemental" analysis. The traditional technologies for the study and analysis of the homogeneity, like Baumann printing and macro etching for segregation detection as well as the use of Optical microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy for inclusion analysis, are very time consuming. Especially the microscopic investigations are often limited to small surfaces. A scanning apparatus as in addition to a stationary Optical Emission Spectrometer has been developed to enable a fast characterization and indication of the macro and micro homogeneity of metals.