XRF atline

Spectro Xepos/XRF

Hidden inside the Spectro Xepos are powerful components delivering new levels of sensitivity and accuracy. Optimal excitation using polarization and secondary targets, an auto sampler for up to 12 items and intelligent software modules, make the instrument the most versatile elemental analyzer available. The Spectro Xepos can be delivered with pre-installed application packages. The applications packages are a combination of hardware and analytical methods; installed in the factory and individually tuned. The range of applications includes, among others: the analysis of waste, soils, sewage sludge, additives in oil, cement, slag, refractories and electronic components and parts in compliance with RoHS, making the Spectro Xepos a true multi-talent.


To optimize the use of the Xepos, the Acaros-XRF series enable a fully automatic operation of the analyzer. The operator prepares a number of sample trays and puts them on the manipulator. After that he can upload the sample data (identifications, etc.) and starts the operation. The manipulator will successively complete all samples.
As it is a modular system, the customer can choose which configuration suits the requirements of the laboratory the best. In the single-10 configuration, one Xepos is placed on the Acaros-XRF manipulator together with 10 separate sample-trays. The sample data can be uploaded automatically from for instance an excel-file. But of course the customer can adjust the configuration to its requirements. For instance, in the Acaros-XRF double-15 configuration, 2 Xepos analyzers cooperate to analyze 15 trays.
The samples are prepared and each tray is filled with max 12 samples. After that, the tray will be placed on the Acaros-XRF, on the specially designed storage pillars. After placing the last tray, the data can be entered. This can be done automatically. Standard a taps separated file is used, an option is to use an excel-file. But of course the data can be entered manually, too.
After the uploading is finished successfully, the analysis is started after a command from the operator. After that, all prepared samples subsequently are analyzed, without necessary interference of man. After finishing the last sample, the system can be unloaded, and all analysis data is linked to the relevant sample identification and stored in the database of the Xepos.
Sample trays
The sample-trays are placed on specially designed guiding pillars. Doing so, the necessary storage space is minimized. Moreover, the bottom side of each tray does not touch any surface, to be sure the analysis itself will not be affected by any external influence (damage, dust, etc.). The sample trays can be transported by specially designed holders, optionally available. Together with matching cover, it is a save dust-free way of transportation.
Sample data
The standard configuration of automatically uploading sample data is using a comma separated or a taps separated file. But of course, optionally other ways of data notation and transfer can be implemented. A separate specification and quotation can be agreed. Even an integration to the local LIMS network is possible.


Some of the possible configurations:
  • 1 or 2 Xepos analyzers integrated
  • Storage for 5 to 20 sample trays
  • Cover for protection for f.i. dust
  • Control software is running on Xepos PC.
  • Optional: Integration with local LIMS
  • Optional: Transport case for 5 sample trays
The Acaros-XRF manipulator consists of:
  • Manipulator for handling the sample-trays
  • Control software (on the Xepos PC)
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Automated sample data input using a taps separated file
  • User manual
  • Optional: Integration with local LIMS
  • Optional: Uploading other data format automatically (f.i. Excel files)
  • Optional: Transport case for 5 sample trays
  • Energy and Data
  • Energy need
  • 220/230 volt, max 0,5 kW
  • Single Xepos - 10 sample trays
  • WxDxH = 1100x700x700 mm
  • Weight: 96 kg, exclusive of Xepos
  • Double Xepos - 15 sample trays
  • WxDxH = 2200x700x700 mm
  • Weight: 151 kg, exclusive of Xepos