Charting your process

The first step when an automation of a process is considered, is to chart it. Unscramble the process into its basic operations with its conditions and its requirements, in order to achieve the most suitable technical and cost effective solutions, within the given constraints.

Advising the project

In most cases there are several ways to proceed. Different options with varying risks- and investment levels, accuracies, consumable usage and maintenance and uptime requirements. Based on clients objectives we are able to advise on those available options.

Building the system

Although automated sample preparation and analysis systems consist mostly of well-known and already engineered technics, the circumstance at the customers site, client specific primary process and IT infrastructure requires often project-structured attention, engineering and communication during the manufacturing stage.

Implementing automation

The implementing of the automated system on site is a crucial phase in the project. Training of personnel, integrating the system in the IT- and procedural context of the organisation, documentation, safety instruction are given the attention it deserves.

Maintaining the system

The longest time span of the system is supposed to be its operational life time. Depending on its nature, the system needs maintenance of some sort. If this maintenance requires proceedings exceeding what the client is able to do, we are available for periodic and incidental maintenance.