The metallurgical analysis of oil and lubricants is difficult due to the viscosity of the samples plus possible contamination by moisture or particulates.

The oil has to be pre-treated before any analysis is possible and this introduces potential inaccuracies with incorrect reporting of the analytical data.

Therefore automation of this process is highly recommended as it overcomes any sample handling errors and avoids the risk of contamination. Again all the results produced will be readily available for review and any corrective actions taken. Internal QC checks monitor the system stability and will indicate if automatic system cleaning or repeat analysis is required.

The preparation and analysis of oil samples is performed with the ACAROS Auto-diluter in combination with the ARCOS ICP spectrometer.


  • 24/7 availability
  • Low operational costs
  • High accuracy and repeatability in complex matrices
  • Automatic dilution with internal standard if required
  • Full system control with QC recalibration procedures
  • Creation of secondary samples for laboratory use
  • Data management and visualization
  • Integration with LIMS

See: Acaros atline